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Expanding a business?

Why outsource?

Why Ukraine?

In order to survive and thrive in a competitive market, you need a solution that is going to enable you to focus more on core business processes. At the same time, you need to make sure your secondary business functions are taken care of and meeting the highest standards.

​Does that mean that the bigger your business gets, the more hours you’ll be forced to put in? Then what is the point of having this business in the first place, if it takes almost all of your free time from you and does not let you enjoy your life to the fullest?

You can also suddenly find yourself at a point where your business urgently demands you to create an entire telemarketing, customer service department or some other contact center. If you really want to get all the benefits from your business and remain independent, you need a team of professional and talented people to help you. But that is going to cost you a fortune, unless you will use a remote staffing solution.

The biggest problem any enterprise faces when growing is that it's spending may outweigh any new income. Without careful business development planning, you may find that too much growth too fast will be more than your budget can handle.

By outsourcing, you can greatly improve the effectiveness of your risk management. If your business requires staffing, launching a call center or some other new project, you can minimize all possible legal and financial risks using the external resources. Do you want to know how?

​Professional staff, being one of the top expenses on the list are the best thing to target. Consider Ukrainian offshore BPO with D&Z Networks in order to get the best price-quality ratio on the market. ​Save money and do not worry about the space, equipment, taxes, Social Security payments, health and unemployment insurance for your staff. With us you can have a team of professionals to assist you at a price you can afford.

Ukraine is a European country, our culture and business understanding are the same as the Western ones. Many Ukrainians can easily communicate in English and their accent (if such is present) is very smooth and sounds pleasant to the ear.

About 80% of Ukrainians have higher education but the Ukrainian HR Market is still very unbalanced. For instance, you commonly see people with a Master's or a Bachelor's Degrees working as cashiers in a supermarket, waiters, taxi drivers etc. Rates of unemployment are raising every day in Ukraine.

D&Z Networks are here to affect this situation and connect educated and talented individuals who can speak foreign languages to businesses around the World. Both regulatory costs and price of living in Ukraine are drastically lower. This enables us to drive the price of outsourcing down as far as possible for our clients, while paying very competitive salaries to our workers.
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Ukrainian Freelance
HR Recruitment
We will find and interview candidates.
We specialize in finding and hiring the right people promptly, wrong people will just not pass.
Employees Training
Train and equip them.

We are a major improvement on freelance!

All employees will be trained and provided with space in our offices, workstation and additional equipment to meet your requirements.
Freelancers can be unreliable, occasionally their quality of work is unashamedly poor, they also can lie about their skills and level of job they can take on, sometimes they disappear without a trace and even steal and abuse your sensitive information and so on.

Considering Ukrainian outsourcing with D&Z Networks you will get an office-based remote department, call center or a single remote employee e.g., Administrative Support Executive, Appointment Setter, Concierge, Customer Service Representative, Virtual Assistant, Receptionist, Data Entry Specialist or other. This will solve all problems that freelance employers face at once!​​

BPO Management
Monitor and control them.
​​We have implemented management practices that will improve employee productivity and keep it high.